The creative base for Ernesto Medina

Ernesto Medina is an Episcopal Priest, now serving as the Dean for Urban Mission of Trinity Cathedral in Omaha, Nebraska.

On 22 April 2007, Ernesto ended 6 1/2 years of service as the Provost of the Cathedral Center of Saint Paul in Los Angeles, California.

The following is a list of other positions and education:

In this website you will find a number of creative expressions, using a variety of modes, as currently expressed by Ernesto. Each link will provide the best of Ernesto has to offer at the present time. This site will also serve, in some ways, as a storybook log of adventures.

Here is a discription of what you will find on linked pages:


The poems in this section are from sermons preached in a multi-language context. In addition are poems written for personal reflection.

Travel Log

Those that know Ernesto, know of his love of travel. Travel is his outlet into the world and into life. This log provides a list of trips Ernesto has taken since the early 90's, along with a brief discription.

Random Thoughts

Here you will find some the strange and bizarre workings of the mind of Ernesto Medina.

Doesn't hurt to ask

Ernesto is known for getting things just because he asked! Here you will find a list of some of the best results of this spiritual disipline of abundance.


Here you will be able to read about different projects and concepts developed by Ernesto.

Photos and Video

Photography has become Ernesto's eyes into the Gospel. Here you will find glimpses into a life of grace and wonder. Also included in this section is the new expression of image capturing - storytelling in video.

Birthday Countdown

Everyone likes to receive gifts! Here is a countdown to Ernesto's Birthday. Check it out to see if you have time.

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